*Best Presentation Award at 2019 CIRPA Montreal Conference

As IR magicians, we transform 7 years of admission data into insights on student academic success, which includes retention (year 1 to year 2) and graduation (six year). We use magical tricks (Tableau, SAS and statistical models) to explore how factors (gender, financial aid, legal status, admission group, admission average, degree type and co-op status) are associated with retention and graduation. Our project is important because it contributes to student success research in Canadian higher education and will inform our institution’s academic policies and student success and interventions such as the newly launched ‘Get Finished Scholarship’

Presenters: Mariam Aslam (Student Success Research Analyst) and Wei Xiong (Senior Research Information Analyst)


Webinar - Abracadabra: Tell us what the numbers mean? Unpacking retention and graduation student success research data using the magician’s bag of tricks

  • June 16, 2020